Civil Rights > American organizations supporting the Constitution against discriminatory Shariah laws


Mainstream American organizations – some quite venerable – are taking on the mission of ensuring Constitutional protections for all Americans, by raising concerns about the use of Shariah law or transnationalist laws when they conflict with the Constitution and public policy.  This list is not comprehensive – rather just a sample of these groups, including:

1. ACT for America, with 150,000 members and 500 chapters, is taking the shariah vs. constitution debate to the Tea Parties.  The study on Shariah in the Courts was distributed to 150,000 activists nationwide by ACT and then was reposted to social networks in the tea party. More ACT for America outreach to Tea Parties on Shariah.

2. Alliance Defense Fund provides a concise platform (PDF) on international/transnational law and goes head-to-head with a pro-Shariah ACLU (PDF).

3. The American Legion Magazine, with 2.7 million members at 15,000 community posts, published a long feature article on stealth jihad.

4. The Center for Security Policy in Washington, DC has published widely on Shariah, the Muslim Brotherhood and stealth jihad. The Center has also formed Team B II to study this issue, and has released its bestseller, Shariah: The Threat to America.

5. Concerned Women for America, with half a million members in 500 chapters nationwide, is sponsoring a panel in 2011 called, “Women and Shariah Law.”

6. Eagle Forum‘s 80,000 members had questions for candidates in 2010.

7. The Ethics and Public Policy Center (and its president Rick Santorum) been a leader in educating the public and policy-makers on transnationalism.

8. The Family Research Council, the sponsors of the annual Values Voter Summit, tackled the issue of Shariah and the Constitution.

9. The Heritage Foundation, a venerable think-tank in Washington, has also published on Shariah and its dangers, including a research paper, “The Challenges of Islamist Ideology to America’s Founding Principles.”

10. The Hudson Institute put together an event called, “Apostasy, Blasphemy, and Other Sharia Laws in the Modern World.”

11. The Oak Initiative, a rapidly-expanding group founded by 300 Christian leaders, has worked to educate its members on this issue as well.