This movement is the civil rights
struggle of the 21st century.


Two major legal systems have emerged in America as threats to Constitutional protections and liberties: first, transnationalism, a particularly anti-Constitutional and extremist application of Customary International Law, in opposition to American sovereignty; and second, the Shariah legal doctrine, imposed as a separate legal system in America for Muslims (and eventually for non-Muslims).

The American Public Policy Alliance is  one of many groups supporting Constitutional rights, liberties and protections for all American citizens, from these threats of foreign (also known in law as “alien”) legal systems, in those disputes where those foreign systems violate the Constitution or state public policies.

We face a serious problem: a well-organized movement has emerged to support the imposition of discriminatory Shariah law in America for Muslims (with some groups openly supporting Shariah’s authority for all citizens including non-Muslims).  This discriminatory Islamist movement has explicit support from far left groups like the American Civil Liberties Union – in spite of the fact that Shariah law denies Americans (especially Muslim American women and children) their civil rights.  A parallel threat especially to the 2nd Amendment, the Transnational law movement has its own proponents in academia, the current administration in Washington, and far left media and lobbying groups.

The good news is that a wide spectrum of national and local groups in the last two years have expanded their missions to include a defense against discriminatory laws such as Shariah.  These groups understand what is at stake:  Shariah doctrine in America is the 21st century equivalent to  Jim Crow segregation laws and apartheid laws.  Shariah law discriminates against women, homosexuals, non-Muslims, liberal or reforming Muslims, and opposes any free expression critical of that discrimination as “defamation of Shariah” or “defamation of Islam.”  Increasing numbers of mainstream American religious, political and civic organizations are joining in protecting the Constitutional rights of all Americans by opposing the imposition of Shariah doctrine.  This movement is the civil rights struggle of the 21st century.

Mainstream American organizations supporting the Constitution against Shariah discriminatory laws

Islamist organizations in America with the stated mission of imposing Shariah on Muslim American families