More and more evidence piles up all the time that America’s 1st Amendment to the US Constitution is unique in establishing freedom of speech, freedom of the press and free expression. In short, America’s standards of free speech simply do not exist elsewhere, not even in nations widely regarded as “free.”

Sometimes the 1st amendment results in speech or expression that some of us find offensive. Note that there is no statement in the constitution that grants anyone the right not to be offended. 

That isn’t the case in many jurisdictions, such as Canada, where a recent supreme court ruling solidified that nation’s continuing policy of limiting speech under the guise of “hate” laws.

You may not like the flyers that are the subject of the article linked below, but the facts of the case appear to suggest that free speech is the casualty here more than any “hate.” Where does one draw the line?

This is an example of why America’s standards of free speech must be safeguarded against transnationalist efforts to erode our constitutional rights:

Canadian Supreme Court rules against free speech



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