An interview with Christopher W. Holton of the Center for Security Policy

by Jerry Gordon (March 2013)

One group in the US that has arisen to defend those liberties is the American Public Policy Alliance (APPA or “the Alliance”), a “non-partisan IRC 503 (c) (4) advocacy organization. The national spokesperson for the Alliance is attorneyStephen M. Gelé of the New Orleans law firm of Smith & Fawer. The mission of the Alliance is:

“. . . To protect U.S. constitutional rights, safeguarding U.S. sovereignty and promoting government transparency and accountability, by working with legislators nationwide on policies and initiatives.”

The Alliance seeks “to defend free speech, preserve and promote civil and human rights, maintain the integrity and supremacy of US and state constitutions, and aid and promote public safety.”

Among its allies in furtherance of this mission is the non-partisan IRC 503 (c) (3) public policy educational outreach organization, the Washington, DC-based Center for Security Policy (CSP).

In furtherance of the Alliance mission, it has sponsored several pieces of model legislation. They include:

•          American Laws for American Courts (ALAC)

•          Free Speech Defense Act (FSDA), “Rachel’s Law”

•          See Something; Say Something Act (SSSSA)

•          Terrorism as Racketeering and State Felony (TRSF)

•          Disclosure of Foreign Gifts to Higher Education Act (DFGHEA) and,

•          Female Genital Mutilation Act (FGMA)

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