The Wall Street Journal has an excellent piece published today in which it explains the stark contrast between freedom of speech under the US constitution and Shariah blasphemy laws. The Journal’s James Taranto does a great job of illustrating why our constitutional rights are precious and must be protected against the incursion of Shariah, which makes no recognition of freedom of expression as we understand it…

Shariah vs. the Constitution

The Muslim Brotherhood sets up an irreconcilable conflict.

“…although the video may indeed be insensitive, inflammatory, intolerant and insulting, that’s not why the rioters are rioting. They are rioting because in their view it isblasphemous, and therefore forbidden under Shariah. And although the Muslim Brotherhood has cannily adopted the rhetoric of wounded feelings, it is calling for the criminalization of blasphemy world-wide…”

“This cannot happen in the U.S. Blasphemy against Islam is a crime in parts of the Muslim world, and some Western countries have established de facto bans via selective enforcement of  hate speech  laws.”

But America takes free speech seriously.

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