Over the past two years no state in America has done more to prevent the infiltration of Shariah law into our legal system, culture and financial system than Louisiana.

Louisiana’s leadership to guard against the infiltration of Shariah continued in the 2012 legislative session with three more pieces of legislation signed by Governor Jindal:

• Act 369 authored by Senator Danny Martiny requires full and fair disclosure when a security offered in the state of Louisiana is governed by a religious law. This landmark bill was necessitated by the increasing presence of Shariah-Compliant Finance and the almost total lack of transparency associated with such instruments.

• Act 116 authored by Rep. Cameron Henry amends the Louisiana Racketeering Act to apply to, among other offenses, terrorism and aiding others in terrorism. By putting the material support of terrorism under the Racketeering Act, this landmark law arms state law enforcement with a useful tool with stiffer penalties and also provides for significantly increased civil penalties for individuals and organizations found to provide material support for terrorism.

• Act 207, authored by Rep. Nancy Landry, creates the crime of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Louisiana. Many people are not aware that the barbaric practice of FGM is actually a Shariah-mandated practice that is becoming increasingly common in the US due to the influx of immigrants and refugees from certain predominantly Islamic regions. The first and most infamous case of FGM actually occurred in Louisiana back in 1972.


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